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Universal python-package with pip-installation:

Installation (needs to have superusers magical powers - sudo).
Mac (tested with "El Capitan")
#Do you have Python (2.7)? Do you have Homebrew to install it? If NO, then
#install brew, if you do not already have that
sudo /usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"
#install python, if you do not have it:
brew install python
#then we need matplotlib, and devel versions of freetype and libpng for it, if you do not have them...:
brew install ttfautohint --with-qt
#matplotlib (if you do not have it already)
sudo easy_install matplotlib
#then we need pip, do you have it already, if not:
sudo easy_install pip
#phew, and finally time to Rock(er)!
sudo pip install rocker-0.1.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl
#Now, you are ready to Rocker ('n' roller)
rocker -h
Linux (tested Red Hat 7)
#You need pip, freetype-devel, libpng-devel, and then just install...
sudo yum install python-pip
sudo yum install freetype-devel
sudo yum install libpng-devel
sudo pip install rocker-0.1.4-py2.py3-none-any.whl
rocker -h

Other Linux-flavours

If you have some other up-to-date Linux distro, it is possible that your freetype and libpng are much later ones than in RHEL7, and thus, it might be enough to simply install pip and then rocker.

Or, you may want to try the rpm, see:

Linux rpm-package:

Installation (need to be superuser):
sudo rpm -i rocker-0.1.4-1.noarch.rpm


Note! Windows installation requires a pre-installation of python, numpy, and matplotlib. For example, we have used Anaconda for this purpose.
For windows, we offer three installation packages:
1. rocker-0.1.4.win32.msi