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Small molecule discovery for
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Protein-Protein Interaction Modulators

One of our special interests is the rational discovery of protein-protein interaction (ppi) modulators. Indeed, it is considered to be, if not impossible, highly challenging. There are very few reported successes, where the first-in-class small molecule ppi modulators would had been identified via virtual screening, from which we were the very first ones - and now we have further successes, seven in total and increasing. Note that we have not only succeeded with blockers but also with identification of binding enhancers,

Cellular homeostasis - Effector molecules that do not compete with natural small molecules

How about finding a new way to treat diseases? Quite often the homeostasis of our cells is disturbed when competitively acting drugs are employed - This leads into natural response where cells are producing more of the target protein, thus, collapsing the therapeutic effect of pharmaceutical agent. If drug would only interfere the consequent effect, not the binding of the natural ligand, the homeostasis of cell would be maintained, but still the disease would be treated. Again our startegy in blocking of protein-protein interactions would be the perfect solution.

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Principal investigators

Olli Pentikäinen PhD

Head of the Laboratory
Professor of Medicinal Chemistry (Institute of Biomedicine, UTu)
Associate Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology (Department of Biological and Environmental Science, UJy)
Adjunct Professor in Biochemistry (Department of Biochemistry, UTu)

Sanna Niinivehmas PhD

Head of the Ligand Discovery Unit/Commercial Project Coordinator
Senior scientist (Department of Biological and Environmental Science, UJy)
Research interests: Computer-aided Drug Discovery, Virtual Screening

Pekka Postila PhD

Head of the Biosimulation Unit
Adjunct Professor in Cell and Molecular Biology (Department of Biological and Environmental Science, UJy)
Research interests: Molecular Dynamics Simulations, Virtual Screening

Senior scientist

Tatu HaatajaPhD

University of Jyväskylä Molecular Biology, X-ray crystallography, In vitro testing

Other personnel

Juhani LahdenperäMSc

Project manager (PPI)

Post-graduate students

Mira Ahinko MSc

University of JyväskyläMetabolism, Software Development

Elmeri Jokinen MSc

University of Turku; Method Development, Virtual Screening

Sami Kurkinen MSc

University of Turku; Virtual Screening and Work-flow Development

Sakari Lätti MSc

University of Turku; Software Development

Undergraduate students

Anni KeisanenBSc

University of Jyväskylä


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